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Material request

We are glad and willing to provide small samples of FDAAs for research purposes. While we want to maximize the ability of researchers to use FDAAs, the expense to synthesize and send FDAAs could not be sustained. We are looking into commercial options, but for now we have to charge for FDAAs. We provide three standard FDAAs (in stock and ready for shipment):

HADA: 250$/2mg (DAPI channel)
BADA: 400$/1mg (GFP channel)
TADA: 400$/1mg (Cy3 channel)

The detailed protocols for the synthesis and application of FDAAs are also provided below:

Kuru et al. 2015 Nature Protocol
Hsu et. al 2017 Chem. Sci. (SI)

If you would like a larger amount of FDAAs or non-standard FDAAs (including new ones with additional colors or improved properties) or clickable D-ala-D-ala dipeptides, please let us know and we can discuss options, including collaborations where we can synthesize FDAAs for specific applications.

Because Indiana University has filed for patent protection, they require that recipients of FDAAs sign a Materials Transfer Agreement prior to shipment.

MTA Application form (Non-collaboration/ Charge)
MTA Application form (Collaboration only/ No charge)

***Please fill the recipient organization information in the form attached above and email it back to me. We will also need a FedEx account to which to charge the shipment ***

Once I receive this form, I will send it to our Office of Technology Commercialization, which will prepare an MTA and will send it to you to sign. For more questions, please email me (