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Which course curriculum do I choose?

Click Here for Guidance on which CITI course to complete

For Human Subjects/IRB requirements, you will need to select a course in response to the question “Please select a human research course based on your research needs”.

  • NOTE: This is question #1 for all IU campuses.
    • For the other education opportunity questions (Responsible Conduct, Good Clinical Practices) you can select, “no”, or “Not at this time, Thank you.” 

For Researchers - There are two educational tracks: Biomedical or Social and Behavioral. You should choose the track that correlates best with the type of research in which you are involved.

  • NOTE: For Researchers, you will select either “Social/Behavioral Researchers” or “Biomedical Researcher”.
    • If you generally submit to IRB-01, you would select “Social/Behavioral”. 
    • If you generally submit to IRB-02, IRB-03, IRB-04, and IRB-05 you should select “Biomedical”.

There are also specific education tracks designed for IRB members and Human Subjects Research Protection Program staff.
For IRB Members – select the course “IRB Members”.

For Research Compliance staff – select the course “RCA Staff”. 

***The CITI Good Clinical Practice (GCP) course is provided as a reference and education tool only.  Completion of the GCP course does not fulfill the Human Subjects/IRB education requirements. 

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