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I have a person with a split appointment. How do I move salary for their monthly pay when they have an outstanding biweekly effort certification document?

Employees may have effort through a monthly / academic appointment and a biweekly appointment. These are separate effort certification documents and should be treated separately. The effort for each appointment is considered independently.

Moving monthly salary for a person with an outstanding bi-weekly effort certification document should not be an issue as these are separate appointments and the effort certification documents for each are treated as independent of each other. Just as the appointments are different, the object codes on which effort is paid are different. (e.g., whereas an academic appointment may be paid on object code 2008, an hourly appointment may be paid on object code 3000) Since effort certification documents are driven by object codes as well as appointments the effort certification documents for each will be separate.

Try to be aware of split appointments and where the effort is being charged, but also know that this situation is allowed.

If any questions arise regarding split appointments, please contact ACE via the contact information on the upper left of this page.

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