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Why can’t I transfer salary between non-sponsored research accounts or sponsored research accounts ?

If the employee for whom salary is being transferred has effort on any sponsored research account, then salary transfers between non-sponsored accounts on which the employee worked are affected by the respective effort certification period.

In other words, if the employee has an effort certification document for the effort period certification in which salary transfers are occurring, then salary transfers for effort in an open effort certification period are not allowed.

For example Joe Employee has an academic appointment and receives salary through two departmental accounts. But during the Fall of 2008 Joe also worked on a research project paid through a sponsored research account. Joe received an effort certification document for the 2008A01 effort period, August 1 through December 31, 2008.

In late February, after effort certification documents have been generated, a department administrator attempts a Salary Transfer for December 2008 but receives a message stating that the Salary Transfer is being requested for an open A21 period. In this case the Salary Transfer would not be allowed and the need for an effort recertification may exist.

If trying to complete a Salary Transfer and an open effort period message is received, please contact the GFO team via the contact information on the upper left of this page.

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