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What information should I include on an assent form?

A template for an assent document can be found on the Forms & Submissions page. The study should be described in enough detail to appropriate convey to the subject what will happen during the study.  However, the assent document should not be so detailed that the subject cannot comprehend it.  Additionally, when writing the assent document, keep in mind the target audience.  In other words, if 13-15 year olds are being enrolled on the study, the assent does not need to be written for a 7 year old.  If the subject population has a broad age range (i.e., 7-15 year olds), consider providing an assent document for different age groups (i.e., one assent for 7-12 year olds and one assent for 13-15 year olds).  That way, the information being conveyed to the potential subject is more appropriate for his/her age.

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