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What is the process for documenting that I have passed the test?

Non-competing proposals: When a non-competing proposal is submitted to NIH, the Principal Investigator and Indiana University are required to certify that all key personnel involved in the design or conduct of a study involving human subjects have completed the required human subjects education. The IU Human Subjects Certification Requirement web page contains two forms - a documentation form and a certification letter. Each individual identified as Key Personnel in the proposal should complete a documentation form. The Principal Investigator prepares the certification letter, attaches the documentation forms to the letter, and forwards the documents to her or his campus research office with the proposal. The research office checks a database to verify that each individual has passed the test, then signs and submits the certification letter along with the proposal.

New or competing proposals: For new or competing proposals, no documentation should be submitted until requested by NIH. Further questions on this process should be directed to:


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