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What is Combined Credit Split?

Combined Credit Split in the Kuali Coeus system is divided into two areas: Intellectual and F&A Revenue.  Intellectual Credit is defined by the amount of intellectual credit allocated to the Principal Investigator, Co-Principal Investigator(s) and Key Persons, if they are opted in, to accurately recognize the appropriate contributors.  F&A Revenue is defined by the Indirect Costs to be credited to an

Investigator’s Unit. The general principle is that indirect costs should follow direct costs, so Investigators should be credited with the indirect costs associated with the direct costs allocated to them.


Click the Default Distribution button at the bottom on the panel to default 100% of the credit split to the Principal Investigator and the Lead Unit. If multiple Key Personnel are listed on the Proposal Development document then negotiation and verification of the Credit Split should occur before the Proposal Development document is routed.


There is a supplemental training guide which provides additional information.  Please see

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