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I have read elsewhere on your web page the requirements for information that the Bureau of Export Administration (BXA) wants in order to process a "deemed export" license application. I see that you require a lot of personal data, including citizenship and country of origin. I understand that I cannot ask for such information from my employees under the Equal Employment Opportunities Commission (EEOC) rules. How do I get that information?

The information we normally request derives from a curriculum vitae/resume or from company background checks. The information that BXA may request as part of the license application process is requested in order to determine whether BXA should authorize the release of such controlled sensitive technology. The hiring of foreign nationals is not prohibited nor regulated by the Export Administration Regulations (EAR). The EAR does not regulate employment matters. The justification for the "deemed export" rule is that there is no more effective way of disclosing sensitive technical information (e.g., design know-how) than to work side-by-side in a laboratory or on the production floor of a company. Our web page guidance[PDF] is designed to assist you in pointing out the types of relevant information that BXA examines in connection with the license application review.

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