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Are cryptographic technology and software source code "deemed exports" handled the same way as other technology and software source code?


No, they are not. The encryption regulation published on January 14, 2000, changed the deemed export rule for encryption technology. The authorization for encryption technology was updated to allow some encryption technology under License Exception ENC. ENC is now also allowed for foreign employees of U.S. companies coming to the United States to work. However, ENC would not cover employees of a Romanian firm, for example, working at a U.S. company. These foreign nationals are not "employees" of the U.S. company. As far as encryption source and object code are concerned, while in the United States, foreign nationals may use any type of encryption source code and object code. The only deemed export authorization required for encryption relates to encryption technology and when a U.S. person intends to provide technical assistance to foreign nationals using source code. (Please note that Export Administration Regulations (EAR) licensing requirements may apply for transfers of encryption software in the United States to an embassy or affiliate of a foreign country.) See our related deemed export encryption chart for more guidance.


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