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At our Canadian subsidiary, we develop semiconductor manufacturing technologies that are controlled by ECCN 3E001. If we transfer those technologies to a Chinese national in that facility, do we require U.S. authorization? What about transferring the same Canadian developed technologies to PRC nationals at our PRC facility?

You may require a license if the technologies are considered to be of U.S. origin. If the technologies developed in your Canadian facility are commingled with or drawn from controlled U.S.-origin technology, you must decide the extent of the mix to determine if U.S. re-export controls apply. Depending on the percentage of the controlled-U.S. technology component, a license may be required for the transfer of that technology to the Chinese national, whether he or she is at your Canadian or PRC facilities. Please see §734.4(c)(3), (d)(3), and (e) of the Export Administration Regulations (EAR). Also, the EAR (Supp. 2 to 734, (b)) requires that you file a one-time review of your technology before you can use the de minimis exclusion. We strongly suggest that you consult with BXA on this question.

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