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We have several foreign national employees in our firm, which has several divisions and an administrative area. Two of the divisions, the Research and Development (R&D) division and the Advanced Manufacturing/Processing (ADMP) division, work with technical data for advanced materials used in electronic and jet engine manufacturing which is controlled under ECCNs 2E001, 3E001, and 9E003, and we have several foreign national engineers working there. None of the other divisions work with controlled technical data, and we have some foreign national employees in them as well. The divisions are not co-located. Do I need an export license for all of the foreign national employees?

Probably not. Your firm would likely need a license for those foreign national engineers and technical people who work in the R&D and ADMP divisions with the controlled technologies. Your firm would probably not need licenses for those individuals who do not normally come into contact with the controlled technologies, such as those in the administrative area. However, you should review the job descriptions of all your foreign national employees. For example, technical managers and technical training personnel who are NOT at the sensitive divisions may need access to the controlled technologies in order to do their jobs, and so you may need to have deemed export licenses for technology transfer to them.

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