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What is reimbursed for sponsored travel?

Travel that is paid directly by an external entity or travel that an Investigator pays for out of his/her own pocket but is reimbursed by an external entity. Travel paid by the University or by an award or grant need not be reported. While travel paid by several types of entities such as governmental and educational institutions need not be disclosure (please see FAQ “What is a significant financial interest?” for a list of exclusions), travel paid by non-profit organizations must be reported as would be travel paid by for-profit organizations if the travel plus any other remuneration reaches $5,000. For example, if you serve on the board of directors of a professional society and they pay for your travel to a conference plus an honorarium totally $5,000 or more, it must be reported. If you serve on an advisory board for a governmental entity (e.g., NIH, CDC, FDA, etc) and they pay for your travel to a conference, you need not report it.

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