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What about other non-research related conflicts for University employees?

These employees typically do not engage in research; therefore, their conflicts disclosure and review process may be handled by other offices instead of the Office of Research Compliance. For example, University Human Resources has adopted "All Staff" Personnel Policies regarding *Conflicts of Interest and *Conflicts of Commitment, and those will apply to other types of conflicts issues raised by staff of the University. However, any time a lecturer, adjunct, student, employee, or other person affiliated with the University is responsible for the design, conduct or reporting of University research or in sponsored programs, that person must complete an IU Financial Conflicts Disclosure pursuant to the Policy on Financial Conflicts of Interest in Research.

As described in the University Human Resources Personnel Policy regarding *Conflicts of Interest, all University employees are covered by the state conflicts of interest statute, and if any employee anticipates knowingly or intentionally deriving a personal financial interest or profit from a contract or purchase involving the University, the employee must complete the *State Conflicts Disclosure Form, prior to contracting with the University.


Further information on the state conflicts law and state conflicts disclosures is provided by the General Counsel’s Office on the following website:

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