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What are some examples of interests that do not need to be disclosed?

• A faculty member in the School of Business earns more than $5,000 per year from rental property income. This is not related to her university responsibilities.

• An ophthalmologist owns a fifty percent (50%) share in a local fast food chain of restaurants. This is not related to his university responsibilities.

• A cardiologist does consulting work for an outside entity which amounts to $2,000 per year. While potentially related to the faculty member’s university responsibilities, the interest need only be disclosed if it amounts to $5,000 or more in the past twelve months.

• A urology professor is reimbursed $1,864 by a pharmaceutical company for travel to New York City to give a talk at a conference discussing the results of a clinical trial in which she participated. No honorarium was given and the professor has no other relationship with the pharmaceutical company. The travel need not be reported as it does not reach the $5,000 threshold to be considered a significant financial interest.

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