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Who should complete the State Conflicts Disclosure?

Any University employee who will knowingly or intentionally receive a profit or pecuniary benefit from a contract or purchase between IU and a third party, when the benefit s/he will receive, together with the benefits s/he has received on any other contracts or purchases between IU and third parties in the past 12 months, totals more than $250. 

The disclosure should include a brief description of the contract or purchase that will result in a financial benefit to you, your spouse, or your dependents; the nature of the financial benefit; the dates and term of the contract or purchase; and the names of the parties involved, including (a) the outside vendor or contractor involved in the transaction; and (b) University personnel involved in choosing the vendor or contractor and/or negotiating contract terms.

Although the law applies to anyone who knows they will receive a personal benefit from a University contract or purchase, regardless of whether or not they are involved in the transaction as part of their University duties, it will help the Board to review and evaluate your disclosure if you briefly describe the nature and extent of your own involvement, if any, in the transaction (e.g. selecting or influencing the choice of a vendor, participating in contract negotiations, etc.). The more involvement in the contract or purchase decision by other University personnel whose authority is independent of yours (e.g., they don’t report to you), the more protection there is against the perception or possibility of self-dealing.


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