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What are some examples of outside interests that are disclosable under the state conflicts law?

A faculty member’s teenage son (who is the faculty member’s financial dependent) has a freelance photography business; the IU Office of Communication and Marketing proposes to hire the son to take photographs at an upcoming campus event for inclusion in IU publicity materials. The amount of the contract will exceed $250. 

A visiting faculty member’s spouse owns a catering company that Residential Programs and Services wants to hire to cater a function in one of the residence halls. The amount of the contract will exceed $250.

A research scientist asks Purchasing to buy a piece of equipment for his/her lab from a vendor in which research scientist directly owns an equity interest (not through a mutual fund). While it may be difficult to predict whether the purchase would result in an increase in the research scientist’s equity of more than $250 for that year, it is better to err on the side of caution and disclose, because the burden under state law will be on the employee to show that there was not an increase in value to the equity, at some point during the year, of more than $250. In addition, this issue tends to overlap with the conflicts concerns in research that are dealt with under the IU Financial Conflicts Disclosure, since the use of particular equipment relates directly to the design and conduct of research.

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