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To Validate Certificates (Undergraduate & High School): Earned in 2015 (Aug. - Dec.)

Please enter your e-mail and password to login and validate your certificate, or enter a Test ID in the next section instead of logging in.

Use Test ID

To Validate Certificates earned during August through December, 2015 (Undergraduate & Advanced High School)

Instructors can check the validity of Certificates submitted by their students. In order to do this, information will need to be provided from the Certificate itself, including the unique Test ID. The test taker can also do this by providing the same information from his/her own Certificate.

If everything matches, then the Certificate is validated, and then it can be viewed.

Undergraduate College Students and Advanced High School Students

Certificates earned before August 1, 2015, cannot be validated here.

Certificates earned between August 13, 2014 and July 31, 2015 can be validated at:

Validate Certificates (Master's and Doctoral Level)

Click here to go to the validation page.