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Please submit the Research Progress Report form at the completion of your research project. Additionally, we ask researchers with ongoing projects to submit the Research Progress Report form annually (based on the commencement date of the project).

Researcher's name:
(first)     (last)

E-mail address:

Title of research:

Which property/properties did you use?
Bayles Road
Bradford Woods
Griffy Woods
Kent Farm
        Lilly-Dickey Woods
MMSF AmeriFlux Tower
Moores Creek

Is this an annual or final report?     Annual   Final

Did you receive funding for your research from the IU RTP or IU CRES?     Yes   No
If so, which one or both?     IU RTP   IU CRES

Date research began:
// (mm/dd/yyyy)
        Date research completed (expected or actual):
// (mm/dd/yyyy)

Brief description of research objectives, questions, and methods:

Brief summary of project results:

List types of data generated (do not include the data here):

Publications resulting from this research (please report any future publications resulting from this research project to the IU RTP office):

Contact information for others interested in data:

Please upload relevant photos, figures, and publications to IU Slashtmp ( and provide the download link in the box below. The download link begins with OR e-mail your files to and type "e-mailed" in the box below.

Revised: March 15, 2011

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