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Before completing the IU Research and Teaching Preserve Research Activity Survey, please read the following terms:

  • Researchers are responsible for obtaining any and all appropriate state or federal permits for their research.
  • Researchers are responsible for marking their research plots. Some of the markers/flags should be labeled with the researcher's name and the date. Researchers are also responsible for removing all materials (markers, flagging, etc.) from their research plots upon completion of the project.
  • Researchers must abide by the rules and regulations of the Indiana University Research and Teaching Preserve (RTP) in any and all conduct of research at the IU RTP.
  • Researchers will file annual (due in yearly increments based on the date of commencement of the project) reports to the RTP director that include: a brief description of research objectives and methods (first and final reports only), a summary of the results of the project(s), a list of data generated and contact information for those interested in the data, relevant images/photographs, and list of publications resulting from the project(s).
  • Any additional publications resulting from the research will be filed with the RTP office.

Please check the box if you agree:

I have read and agree to the above terms, and I agree that all of the information I provide is correct to the best of my knowledge.

Caution: To avoid premature submission when completing the form, do NOT use your ENTER or RETURN key to advance to the next question.
Name: (first)     (last)
Be sure to enter your full e-mail address correctly. It will be used to return a copy of your submission to you.
Title of research:
Expected duration of project:

Approximate size and location of research area:
The RTP records the location of all research plots, except for one-time collections of soil or plant material. This ensures research plots do not unintentionally overlap and cause confounding effects. Please send a list of GPS coordinates or an ArcGIS shapefile of your research plots to the preserve office as soon as they are determined. NAD83 decimal degree format is preferred. If you require assistance with this or would like to borrow a GPS unit to record the location of your plots, contact the preserve office.

These data will be put on the IURTP GIS and will be available to other researchers (but not the general public). If you prefer the location of your plots not be available to other IURTP researchers, please let the preserve office know when submitting the coordinates.

Briefly describe the research to be conducted:
Briefly describe the methods to be used:
Briefly describe the equipment to be used:
Describe any markers or flagging you will use to demarcate your research (don't forget to include your name and the date on some of your markers):
Will the project involve the collection of organisms?
Yes No   (if "yes," describe)
Will the project involve any pesticides, prescribed burns, or other high-impact treatments?
Yes No   (if "yes," describe any treatments that will be applied, whether these treatments will be repeated, and how long they are expected to last.)

Revised: July 14, 2011

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