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Introducing BUY.IU - a new and improved procurement solution

BUY IU BUY.IU is IU’s new procurement system. This new system is powered by Jaggaer, an industry leader in the fields of procurement, contract management, supplier management, and more. View an information session here and check back here for updates!

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Need answers now? Contact the Training and Communications team at askbuyiu@iu.edu.

Important Upcoming Dates

Fiscal Year (FY) 20 Requisition entry is now open in BUY.IU!

This table highlights important upcoming events associated with the BUY.IU implementation. Answers to common questions are available below.

Date Event
May 31 KFS REQ entry FY19 cutoff
Note: This is the cutoff for Purchasing-assisted REQ entry, i.e. REQs which require sourcing or other support from Purchasing.
June 4 FY20 BUY.IU REQ entry begins
June 14 KFS Shop Catalog FY19 cutoff
June 30 KFS vendor entry cutoff
July 1 FY20 PO release, KFS DV and REQ entry suspended, BUY.IU Check Requests available

What if I need to place a Shop Catalog order after June 14? Use the Shop Catalog task tile available on One.IU. Be aware that your purchase may book to FY20 depending on how quickly it is fulfilled.

What if I need to enter a REQ after May 31? If the PO must be released prior to July 1, enter the REQ in KFS. REQs entered in BUY.IU will not be released until July 1. If there is no issue holding the PO until July 1, enter the REQ in BUY.IU when Requisition entry is available.

What if I have a Blanket PO that ends on June 30, 2019? Enter a new REQ in BUY.IU for the new fiscal year. We encourage you to reference the previous KFS PO number on the new REQ in BUY.IU. See Recurring Orders in BUY.IU for documentation.

What if I have a Blanket PO that extends past June 30, 2019? If possible, enter a new Blanket PO in BUY.IU prior to July 1 and close the open KFS PO. You may return a list of open POs using the Recurring Orders report in IUIE by RC code or Org, or by username. We are also developing reference materials to aid you in this process. We encourage you to reference the previous KFS PO number on the new REQ in BUY.IU. See Recurring Orders in BUY.IU for documentation.

We realize that not all departments will be able to accomplish this. Payments will continue to be made out of KFS until December 31, 2019. After implementation, Purchasing will track open KFS POs and follow-up with departments as appropriate.

Training Materials

User Profile Setup

Before entering a Requisition, we strongly recommend setting up your user profile. Review the information below to learn how to save account numbers, addresses, and cart assignees to your profile.

The Dashboard

Non-Catalog and Recurring Orders

Non-Catalog Orders, previously called Requisitions in KFS, are used to procure goods and services which are not available via catalog. This document is also used to enter a recurring order, also known as a "Blanket Purchase Order".

Commodity and Object Codes

Commodity Code Listing - Commodity codes are used to classify the good or service being purchased at a very high level. This code drives where your order will route within Purchasing, and is updated as needed. This Excel spreadsheet contains a listing of all commodity codes in BUY.IU broken out by buying team, and also includes each team’s contact information for additional questions.

BUY.IU Object Code Dictionary – This Excel spreadsheet includes details related to the object codes available for use in BUY.IU, as well suggestions and descriptions of situations which warrant their use, as well as links to applicable policies and standard operating procedures. This document is a good place to start, but be sure to verify which object code you should use by consulting your Fiscal Officer.

BUY.IU Object Code Crosswalk – Is the object code you usually use not included in the dictionary? Use this crosswalk document to find the legacy KFS object code and how it relates to the current BUY.IU list. Object codes are divided into tabs by Level. These suggested alternate object codes are just that – suggestions. Be sure to verify your choice with your Fiscal Officer.


Approvals in BUY.IU function differently than they do in KFS. The materials below demonstrate how to review and approve documents in BUY.IU.

Accounts Payable

Supplier Resources for Departments

Infosession Recordings

Learn more about BUY.IU by viewing a webinar recording. Recorded sessions are available here and you may review the Questions and Answers from all sessions here (FAQ).

Future webinar dates and times will be will be listed below when available.

Additional Support

Need help? Join us for an office hours session! Each office hours session will begin with a walk through of how to enter a Non-Catalog Order (previously called a KFS Requisition), as well as a Recurring Payment (previously called a KFS Blanket Purchase Order), in BUY.IU. The remainder of the session will allow staff to ask questions about the process or address issues they have encountered while using BUY.IU. Staff are encouraged to bring questions with them to these sessions so they may be addressed.

Office hours are held in person on each campus as well as online. Space is limited, so please use the appropriate link below to register.

For questions related to the KFS Purchasing System and its procedures, please contact Purchasing via email at purhelp@iu.edu.