• Initiative in Economic Regulation and Lawmaking in China

    Purpose: China's policy process has evolved remarkably during the past three decades. National government agencies, local governments, the Communist Party, industry, non‐governmental organizations, foreign actors, and other stakeholders are all participants. The formal procedures and informal practices for setting the agenda, drafting regulations, implementing policy, and adjudicating disputes are all undergoing fundamental change. The aim of this initiative is to more fully understand the evolution of lawmaking on economic issues in China and its implications for the country's social stability, economic development, and business
    opportunities. The initiative will support innovative research on a wide range of issues related to the policy process and engage in outreach to help stakeholders better understand how policy is made and develop solutions for how to improve the policy process. The initiative will not only yield breakthroughs in scholarship, but promote the maturation of China's economy and sounder governance, as well as assist the legal community in offering wiser counsel and the corporate sector in making better business decisions


    • Innovative research by experts in the United States, China, and elsewhere on China's economic policymaking process. Potential areas of focus include: public participation, including business lobbying; policy framing; the role and interaction of government officials and organizations; policy transparency; the role of courts and other mechanisms for dispute resolution; strategies for policy implementation; and the development of the regulatory regime on critical issues, such as corporate governance, intellectual property rights, and health care.
    • Scholarly conferences and workshops in the United States and China.
    • Academic and policy‐oriented publications, in English and Chinese.
    • Development of a policy tracking mechanism to assist scholars and stakeholders in having a better understanding of China's policy process on issues most relevant to their needs.
  • Research Publications

    • August 2010
      Lu Zhang, “From Detroit to Shanghai? Globalization, Market Reform, and Dynamics of Labor Unrest in the Chinese Automobile Industry,” Indiana University Research Center for Chinese Politics & Business, Working Paper #3, August 2010. Full Text.


    • January 2010
      Guosheng Deng and Scott Kennedy, " Big Business and Industry Association Lobbying in China : The Paradox of Contrasting Styles,"
      The Chinese Journal NO. 63, January 2010. Full Text.


    • February 2008
      Thomas Kellogg, "Constitutionalism with Chinese Characteristics? Constitutional Development and Civil Litigation in China," Indiana University Research Center for Chinese Politics & Business, Working Paper #1, February 2008. Full Text


  • 中国经济管理与立法课题概述


    1) 由美国、中国和其它国家、地区的专家开展关于中国经济法律制定程序的创

    2) 在美国和中国举办学术会议和研讨会。

    3) 用英文和中文发表学术和政策性出版物。

    4) 开发一个政策跟踪机制,帮助学者和利害相关者更好地了解中国在他们关心的问题上的政策过程