The sections collect useful sources of information and insight that we find highly relevant to the center's focus. For your convenience, they are grouped into these categories: Media and Blogs, Centers and Institutes Around the World, Other IU Resources, and China's Political Economy. By listing them here, the center does not endorse these sites or their sponsors, nor vouch for the accuracy of the information they provide. If you know of a useful site we should add, please contact us (

    • Media

    Caixin Media (财新传媒)

    Caijing (财经)

    Financial Times

    New York Times, Asia coverage

    Washington Post Asia-Pacific coverage

    • Blogs

    China File

    China Financial Markets (Michael Pettis)

    China Law Blog (Harris & Moure)

    Chinese Law Professor Blog Don Clarke George Washington University

    China Hearsay (Stan Abrams)

    Dani Rodrik's Blog


    James Fallows' Blog

    Sinocism (Bill Bishop)

    Silicon Hutong (David Wolf, Wolf Group Asia)

  • Carnegie Tsinghua Center for Global Policy

    Carnegie Endowment China Program

    Fairbank Center for East Asian Research

    HKUST Center on China's Transnational Relations

    Brookings Institution John L. Thornton Center

    OU Institute for US-China Issues

    Oxford Contemporary China Studies

    Tsinghua University NGO Research Center (清华大学NGO研究所)

    Unirule Institute of Economics

    USC US-China Institute

    Yale China Law Center

    Zhejiang University Institute for Civil Society Development (浙大公民社会研究中心)

  • Center for the Study of Global Change

    Center for International Business
    Education and Research

    East Asian Languages & Cultures Department

    East Asian Studies Center

    Political Science Department

    Office of International Services

    School of Global and International Studies

  • American Chamber of Commerce, Beijing

    Beijing Olympics official website (Fang Xingdong)

    China Trade Remedy Information (Ministry of Commerce)

    European Union Chamber of Commerce in China

    Horizon Research (零点研究咨询集团)

    National Bureau of Statistics of China

    Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (China information)

    Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (China information)

    The Richest People in China (HuRun Report)

    US Congressional-Executive Commission on China

    US Economic and Security Review Commission

    US Trade Representative, China Affairs

    World Trade Organization, China section