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ARCHIVED: For Sakai, what portal system framework is being used?

Chuck Severance, Sakai Technical Staff, recommends starting with the JSR-168 Sakai portlet, which gives the highest functionality and is the simplest to use. See Chuck's Powerpoint presentation, especially slides 10-29 (and be sure to read the notes) at:

Much more information regarding portal integration in Sakai (e.g., uPortal, JSR-168, WSRP) is available in the Portal Discussion Group on the site, especially in the Email Archive.

Note: For access, you must be a SEPP member who has joined the particular Discussion Group worksite; for more information, see ARCHIVED: What is the Sakai Partners Program (SPP), and which institutions have become members? and ARCHIVED: What are Discussion Groups and Working Groups, and how can I join them?

Last modified on November 01, 2008.