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ARCHIVED: What are Discussion Groups and Working Groups, and how can I join them?

Sakai activities are mostly organized within Discussion Groups and Working Groups. Groups maintain space on the site, each having individual facilitators, or in some cases, several people share such responsibility.

In the earlier days of the Sakai initiative, many groups were created. In an effort to better coordinate activity and communication, some groups are now combining or disbanding. You can find detailed information on the current state of various groups in the Project Management and Coordination Directory at:

Many Discussion Groups and Working Groups are joinable, but you must first create an account. You will then be able to join the individual groups available to you.

On this page:

Create your account

  1. Visit:
  2. Create your account by clicking New Account on the left and following the instructions. Be sure to use your full email address as your User ID.

  3. After completing the steps above, email your account login ID (your full email address, case sensitive) to . Once you have received email notification that your account is ready (normally this will be within 24-48 hours), you will be able to continue with the steps below to join worksites.

Join sites

  1. Log into the site at:
  2. Under the My Workspace tab, select Membership.

  3. Place a checkmark next to each worksite you're interested in, and click the Join button.

    Note: As a member, you will receive email from the system whenever a posting is made to the worksite's Announcements, Resources, and Email Archive, saving you from having to continually peruse each section of the worksite. You can choose whether to receive such notifications individually or as a daily digest. To set your preference, under the My Workspace tab, click Preferences, and then choose from among the listed options. For more, see ARCHIVED: On the site, how can I control receiving email notification messages?

If you forget your password

If you forget your password for the site, you can use the Sakai site's Contact us link on the left at:
Last modified on November 01, 2008.