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ARCHIVED: On the site, how can I control receiving email notification messages?

If the Email Archive tool in a site you have joined has been activated, you will receive email messages in much the same way you would receive mail from a LISTSERV mailing list. To stop receiving or reduce the amount of email notification messages, do one of the following.

Block or reduce worksite email

Note: This is a global setting; you cannot block email from a single worksite. Also, you cannot block high-priority notifications.

  1. Log in at:
  2. In My Workspace, from the menubar, click Preferences.

  3. Choose from among the various options. When you are done, click Update Preferences.

Unjoin the worksite

  1. Log in at:
  2. In My Workspace, select Membership.

  3. Click Unjoin next to each site you no longer wish to be part of.
Last modified on November 01, 2008.