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Following is a brief overview of features and how to navigate:

  • My Workspace is your individual online workspace. When you first log in, you go to My Workspace automatically. To return to your workspace after visiting other sites, click My Workspace in the upper left corner of the screen.

  • Sites appear as tabs across the top of the screen. Click a tab to go to the corresponding site. Course sites are associated with courses; project sites are for projects and other collaborative activities; portfolio sites provide space to collect, organize, and present work toward specific goals.

    Note: If you are not yet a member of any site, you will see only a My Workspace tab. For information about joining sites, see Membership: Overview.

  • The menubar is a customizable column along the left side of the screen with links for each available tool (e.g., Announcements, Forums). The number of links will vary depending on which tools were chosen for a site. Click the tool's name to go to the corresponding tool. To collapse the menubar, click the left arrow near the top of the menubar.

  • Home on the menubar takes you to the Home page for the site you're in. Home pages can contain a list of recent announcements, recent discussion items, and selected resources.

  • When you're using a tool, the reset button ( 
    The reset button
     ), located to the left of the tool's name, takes you back to the first page of that tool and resets the tool.

  • You can find help documentation by clicking Help on the menubar. You can also get help for the tool or area you're currently in by clicking the blue question mark ( 
     ) in the upper right corner of each page.

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Last modified on May 06, 2015.