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Sakai 2.8 My Workspace tool: Overview

What it does

My Workspace is an individual online worksite that functions as a private workspace for each user. When you log in, you will automatically open My Workspace, which will display the Message of the Day and My Workspace Information boxes. By default, these boxes contain announcements and information from the system administrator.

Key concepts

Features: In My Workspace, you can perform various tasks, including:

  • Posting files in your own private Resources tool

  • Viewing an integrated Schedule for all sites in which you participate

  • Viewing announcements from all your sites

  • Creating your own private Schedule items

  • Viewing a list of all sites you belong to in Worksite Setup

  • Revising sites you own by adding users or changing tools

  • Choosing how you would like to be notified of new or changed items on sites you belong to in the Preferences tool

  • Adding yourself to publicly joinable sites with the Membership tool

Things to consider

  • In My Workspace, you can print a PDF file of all your Schedule events for the day, week, or month.

  • You can save drafts or backup copies of work in progress in My Workspace Resources.

  • You can revise the title and frame height of the My Workspace Information box by clicking the Edit icon ( 
    The Edit icon looks like a pencil and paper

  • Only a system administrator can modify the contents of the Message of the Day box, but you can customize how announcements will be displayed in the window. To do so, click Options under "Message of the Day".

Help documentation

For help documentation about My Workspace, see My Workspace.

Last modified on May 06, 2015.