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Using Sakai 2.8 Tests & Quizzes, how do I resume taking an assessment?

In Tests & Surveys, if you leave an assessment or lose your connection unexpectedly before you're finished, you can return to the test and resume taking it as long enough time remains. However, the timer on a timed test will continue to count down from the time you began the test, even if you exit the assessment.

Tests & Surveys saves your answers automatically every 15 minutes, although you can save your answers more frequently by clicking Save. If you did not click Save before your last session ended, you may need to re-enter some of your responses.

Note: If the instructor has enabled the Automatic Submission feature and your assessment's due date has passed, your saved assessment may have been submitted automatically.

Note: If you access an anonymous assessment via the URL and leave without clicking Submit for Grading, your responses may be lost.

  1. In the menubar of the site, click Tests & Quizzes.

  2. Under "Take an assessment", click the title of the assessment you wish to work on, and then click Begin Assessment to resume your work.

  3. When you have finished, click Submit for Grading. You will receive a confirmation number you should keep. Alternatively, click Save to save (but not submit) your work.

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Last modified on July 02, 2015.