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Sakai 2.9 site types: Overview

What they are

  • Course sites: A course site is the official worksite for a particular academic course at an institution, and can be linked to a database (such as a registrar's) to automatically populate its roster.

  • Project sites: Project sites are designed to facilitate collaboration. You can invite anyone you wish to join your project site.

  • Portfolio sites: Portfolio sites offer workflows for a variety of purposes, including assessing and showcasing learning, documenting and sharing skills and accomplishments, and collecting data for programmatic and institutional accreditation.

Key concepts

Customization: You can choose from features and functions to create sites that meet your needs. Examples include:

  • A course website where students can work on and submit assignments

  • A portfolio site offering guidance and customized data structures to create portfolios for specific purposes

  • A website where an instructor or project director can make announcements and share resources, such as documents or links to other websites

  • A website that serves as an online discussion board

My Workspace: When you log in, you will automatically open a site called My Workspace. All users get their own My Workspace sites.

Tabs: When you log in, the course, project, and portfolio sites to which you belong are displayed as tabs across the top of the screen. To enter a site, click its tab. If you belong to more sites than can be displayed as tabs, click More Sites to access the rest.

You can choose to hide sites (e.g., course sites from previous semesters) or reorder them (i.e., choose which sites to display in tabs) using the Preferences tool in My Workspace; see Showing, hiding, and ordering sites.

Menubar: Sites can have just a few or several functions (including announcements, a schedule, an online discussion area, assignments, electronic resources, a chat area, and more). You can choose which tools to include in your site, and they will be added to the menubar along the left side of the screen. To access a tool, click its name in the menubar. Sites also have a home page, accessed by clicking Home in the menubar.

Things to consider

Help documentation

For help documentation about sites, see Sites.

Also see:

Last modified on May 06, 2015.