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Using Sakai 2.9 Gradebook, how do I change the grade type?

Note: To complete these procedures, you must be assigned a role having the necessary permissions. To determine your role, follow the directions in Participant roles. For a basic understanding of roles and permissions, see Permissions and roles: Overview.

Changing how grades will be entered

Instructors can choose to grade using points or percentages.

  1. In your site's menubar, click Gradebook.

  2. Click Gradebook Setup.

  3. Locate the "Grade Entry" setting and select your preferred option. Note: If you select Points, when you add a Gradebook item, you will be asked to enter the "Gradebook Item Point Value". If you select Percentages, when you add a Gradebook item, you will be asked to enter the "Gradebook Item Relative Weight". (The relative weight determines how much each item contributes to the grade; for instance, an item with a relative weight of 2 will count twice as much as an item with a relative weight of 1.)
  4. If you want the Gradebook items to be visible to students, check the box under "Gradebook Items Display".

  5. If you want to group Gradebook items into weighted or unweighted categories, select the appropriate option under "Categories & Weighting", and then:

    1. If desired, you may check Enable Drop Highest, Enable Drop Lowest, or Enable Keep Highest to include or exclude the specified score(s) in grade calculations; all items in the category must be assigned the same score value to use these options.
    2. Click Add a Category to create a new category and specify the percentage of the total grade it should represent. The total for all categories must equal 100%. Note: If you choose to use categories, whether weighted or unweighted, uncategorized Gradebook items cannot be included in the course grade calculation.
  6. When you are finished, click Save Changes.

Changing the grade type and grade scale

Instructors can select the grade type (e.g., letter, pass/not pass) and modify the percentages in the grade scale.

  1. In your site's menubar, click Gradebook.

  2. Click Course Grade Options.

  3. Select a grade type from the drop-down list next to "Grade Type", and then click Change Grade Type.

    You can select one of three grade types in the Gradebook:

    • Letter Grades
    • Letter Grades with +/-
    • Pass/Not Pass
  4. Edit the grade scale by changing the percentage values in the table.

  5. When you are finished, click Save.
Last modified on June 02, 2015.