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In Sakai 2.6, how do I add a layout?

Note: If you are a system administrator, be advised that any layout that you add to the Portfolio Admin site automatically becomes available to all sites on your instance.

To add a portfolio layout to a site:

  1. Add the files for this layout to Resources.

  2. Access the Portfolio Layouts tool.

  3. If the Portfolio Layouts home page is not displayed, click the reset button ( 
    The reset button looks like two blue arrows

  4. In the Portfolio Layouts menu bar near the top of the screen, click Add. You will see the Add Layout screen.

  5. In the "Display Name" field, enter a meaningful name for the layout. This is the name that will display to site participants when they create portfolios. This entry is required. If desired, enter a description of this layout in the "Description" field.

  6. Click the Select File link for the "XHTML Layout File" box. You will see the Add Attachment screen.

  7. Select the XHTML file you need by following the instructions for selecting an item. After you click Continue, you will see the Add Layout screen again. The name of the file you selected is shown in the box.

  8. To make a preview of the layout available, click the Select File link for the "Preview Image" box. You will see the Add Attachment screen. Locate the appropriate JPEG file and proceed as in step 7, above.

  9. To add this layout to the site, click Add Layout. You will see the Portfolio Layouts home page. The new layout is shown in the list.
Last modified on February 19, 2013.