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In Sakai 2.8, how do I remove the link to the Gradebook for an item maintained by another tool?

If you create an assignment, test, or similar item in another tool and link it to a Gradebook item, the settings may be controlled by the tool in which you originally created the item. To remove the link to the Gradebook for the following, use the tool listed.

For tools not listed below, you can remove the link from within the Gradebook itself.

  • Assignments: Edit the assignment in the Assignments tool. Select Do not associate assignment to Gradebook, and click Post.
  • Lessons: In the Lessons tool, go to the page or subpage from which the Gradebook item was generated. Click More Tools, and then Settings. Deselect Create gradebook entry when page is completed, and then click Save.
  • Tests & Quizzes: In the Tests & Quizzes tool, for the assessment in question, click Settings. Expand the "Grading" section, and under "Gradebook Options", select None. Click Save Settings.
Last modified on June 05, 2015.