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In Sakai 2.6, how do I set the status for a portfolio?

New portfolios are inactive by default; no one else can view them. Before you can share a portfolio, you need to change the status to active.

To set the status for a portfolio:

  1. Access the Portfolios tool. If the Portfolios home page is not displayed, click the reset button ( 
    The reset button looks like two blue arrows

  2. Click Actions.

  3. Next to the portfolio you want to modify, click Edit.

  4. On the Portfolio Summary tab, under "Status", select Active or Inactive.

Regardless of your choice, clicking sharing under the Active button will take you to the Share With Others page.

When you return to the Portfolios home page (click Return to List to do so), the name of the portfolio will reflect the new status; inactive portfolios are grayed out.

After setting the status, you may want to return to creating your portfolio, add content to a template-based portfolio, or add content to a portfolio of your own design.

Last modified on March 16, 2011.