Birth Control Project

In collaboration with family planning clinics and health centers across the United States, researchers at Indiana University's Center for Sexual Health Promotion are conducting an online study of women's contraception use and sexual health.

You were selected to participate in this study because you recently visited a family planning clinic to start a new birth control method. You may also have been selected because you use condoms, natural family planning, or another method as your birth control.

Please read through the following checklist to see if you are eligible to participate.

This is study about contraception use and sexual health; women will be eligible if they are:
  • Between the ages of 14-45 years old
  • Starting one of the following birth control methods:
    • Pills
    • NuvaRing
    • Patch
    • Implanon/Nexplanon Implants
    • Mirena IUD
    • Paragard IUD
    • Skyla IUD
    • DepoProvera Shot
  • Currently using:
    • Condoms
    • Withdrawal “pulling out”
    • Natural Family Planning
    • Sterilization (male or female)
    • Other barrier methods (sponge, cervical cap, diaphragm)
    • No method of birth control
  • Willing to answer questions about sexual activity - sexual activities that occur either alone (masturbation) or with a partner
  • Willing to take 4 online surveys (1 survey every 3 months)
  • NOT used DEPO “The Shot” for the PAST 9 MONTHS
  • NOT had a hysterectomy
  • NOT using Hormone Replacement Therapy

You will earn $10 for every survey that you complete, earning up to $40 if you take all 4 surveys. Your gift card will be emailed to you upon completion of the last survey at month 9. If you meet the eligibility criteria listed above and are interested in participating, Please click NEXT to view more information!