Diffusion Simulation Game


Licenses for the Full Version of the Diffusion Simulation Game (DSG)

The full version of the DSG requires a unique login name and password for each single license. Whenever a player starts the DSG, a record is kept of that user's moves and the results of those moves in the current game. This game log is updated and saved after each move, and so a user can pause the DSG at any time, and then later login and resume the same game. The log can be viewed at any time during a game and also can be printed as a Web page.

When a user resumes the DSG, even on a different computer, he or she can continue the game where it was last paused. Or she or he can start a new game. Whenever a new game is begun, the current game log is erased and a new record is started. Logs are not stored for previous games that user has played--only for the current game.

In summary, one game log is stored for a user's login name, and is erased whenever that player starts a new game. Thus, only one person can use the same login name at the same time. If multiple players use the same login during the same time period, the DSG will not operate correctly, since that one record will be updated and overwritten after each player move. If you would like to try the licensed version without purchasing it, click here, and enter the username: trial and the password: license . Be sure to choose "Begin a new game." You will be able to view the game log during play. If the DSG starts behaving erratically, it means someone else has or is logged in with the same username and password at the same time and is also playing.

On the other hand, the free version of the DSG does not provide a game log. Once you stop play and close your Web browser, you will need to start from the beginning the next time you play. Many people can play the free version using the same general login without interference with each other's play. Otherwise, the DSG works the same way in both the free and licensed versions.


Purchasing Licenses

Each license costs $10, and has a unique login name and password associated with it. This is a one-time charge for creating the logins. Should the login names or passwords be forgotten or lost, the charge is $10 per license to restore each login and password. No further technical support is provided beyond the initial establishment of these unique logins.

To purchase licenses, send a cover letter with your request (including your e-mail address), and a check or money order in U.S. dollars for the total amount to:

Vicky Lewis, Administrative Secretary
Department of Instructional Systems Technology
Wright Education Building, Suite 2276
Indiana University School of Education
201 N. Rose Ave.

Bloomington, IN 47405-1006

Make your check or money order payable to:

Indiana University

Be sure to put on your check or money order (e.g., in the MEMO line):

IST diff sim game - nn licenses
(where nn is the number of licenses)

In addition to your cover letter and payment, please also send e-mail to: Instructional Systems Technology to alert us that you are purchasing Diffusion Simulation Game licenses, so that we can send e-mail to notify you when we have received your check and have established logins and passwords for each license requested, and to provide further information about how to access the licensed version of the DSG.

For currencies not in U.S. dollars, send e-mail to Instructional Systems Technology for further instructions.

We cannot accept cash, credit card purchases, or purchase orders for the DSG.

Thank you.