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Student Student Legal Services

Alumni Page

Along with meeting the legal needs of IU students, SLS exists to educate law students by helping them develop real-world experience as practitioners. When those students graduate, they become SLS alumni, and, we hope, they maintain a warm spot in their hearts for the program.

Alumni Sign

SLS is fueled by the energy of its current interns. Those interns, by that same token, stand on the shoulders of those who have served the program well before them. As they assess their potential career paths, interns can model themselves after distinguished practitioners, judges, politicians, and even SLS staff attorneys. Interns can relive stories of the past simply by seeking out a form, nudging a staff member to wax nostalgic, or even visiting some of the files that remain open, with a chain of intern assignments that reads like a family tree.

Some interns sustain the program by visiting. Others contribute financially to defray the consequences of tightened budgets. Our annual recognition of our most accomplished intern continues to bear the name of Edward Pinto, who has endowed the award since 1989.

We are resolved to do better keeping in touch with our alumni. In addition to maintaining our Facebook page, we intend to use this space for periodic updates on our alumni comings, goings, and accomplishments. We will also keep you abreast of happenings in the office. After a many-year respite, SLS generated an Annual Report in 2009.

In Fall of 2011, we plan to commemorate the 40th Anniversary of Student Legal Services with a weekend gathering of current and former interns. We hope to use that weekend to display an improved building and to announce additional scholarships to recognize outstanding SLS interns. Check this page periodically for updates and save-the-date information.

In the meantime, if you’ve moved, branched out, or stopped laying low, feel free to update SLS on your whereabouts and accomplishments. When a client needs a referral, we like nothing better than to tell the client that we know someone who used to work with students just like him or her. Contact us at

If you would like to sustain the program, either through a financial gift or by addressing interns on some aspect of your practice, let us know that as well.

Your legacy lives on after you at 703 E. 7th St. You have helped build the program, and you’ll help it see another 40 years of serving IU students.