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  1. Violation of Bloomington's noise ordinance may subject you to a:

    • a. $50 Fine
    • b. $100 Fine
    • c. $500 Fine
    • d. a, b, and c
    • e. Round of applause from the cops who really admire your taste in music.

    The correct answer is:

    (d). Bloomington's noise ordinance provides for fines starting at $50, then rising to $100 and $500 for additional violations during the same 12-month period.

  2. At your 19th birthday party, your friend asks you to hold his beer while he takes a leak in an alley. Who could be arrested?

    • a. Your tiny-bladder friend could be arrested.
    • b. You could be arrested, for doing a favor.
    • c. You both could be arrested.
    • d. Arrested? You can't be arrested on your birthday.

    The correct answer is:

    (c). You are an underage person possessing alcohol, whether or not you drink a drop and regardless of how much is left in the can. Mr. Baby-Bladder is committing public urination, which is considered public nudity in Bloomington.

  3. You and three friends sign a lease for an apartment providing for rent of $1,000 a month and joint and several liability. Your friends leave town and form a boy band. You are responsible for:

    • a. Paying $1,000 a month
    • b. Paying $250 a month
    • c. Choreographing your friends’ next video.

    The correct answer is:

    (a). Joint and several liability means you have agreed to be accountable for all amounts due, regardless of your roommates. They have done the same, but if they’re gone, and you’re here, you leave a landlord one target bearing a striking likeness to you. Deep pockets or not, your landlord may grab whatever wallet is in his reach.

  4. What type of couples may never marry in Indiana?

    • a. 15-year olds.
    • b. First cousins
    • c. Same-sex couples
    • d. All of the above.

    The correct answer is:

    (c). Indiana bans same-sex marriage without exception. Those who DO get to enjoy the benefits of sacred matrimony include 15-year olds who are pregnant or have have had a child, provided their shotgun-holding parents consent, and first cousins who have reached the age of 65. You can be kissing cousins in Indiana, but only if your breath smells of Denture Cream.

  5. You paid your landlord a $500 damage deposit then tore up the new shag carpet practicing to become an Ultimate Fighter. The landlord wants $2,000 to replace the carpet. You can be sued for:

    • a. $2,000—your deposit plus the $1,500 balance to replace the carpet.
    • b. Only your $500 damage deposit
    • c. The $58.03 left in your checking account.
    • d. Nothing—no one would ever sue an Ultimate Fighter.

    The correct answer is:

    (a). Your damage deposit is not a limit on your liability. It merely allows a landlord a measure of security. If you damage things beyond that amount, you are liable for additional amounts.

  6. A party runs out of beer and you, being underage and sober, drive a 21-year old friend to a liquor store, where she buys a case of Milwaukee’s Best. Problem?

    • a. I’m in the clear—it’s my friend with the beer.
    • b. Underage transporters can’t be trusted—you are so busted.

    The correct answer is:

    (b). It’s a crime for minors to transport alcohol, even unopened, even in the trunk, even when a friend bought it, unless a parent or guardian is in the car. It’s a misdemeanor and can lead to a suspended driver’s license.

  7. You hold a Little 500 party, serving only Big Red and ice cream sandwiches, but your friends, the Doobie Brothers, see nothing wrong with a few hits from their bong. Who is at risk when the cops come?

    • a. Only the Doobie Brothers will need bail from their mothers.
    • b. All of you. You did a bad deed, hosting friends and their weed.

    The correct answer is:

    (b). Being present while others are using illegal drugs can be charged as visiting a common nuisance, a misdemeanor. If you host the drug-users, even without partaking, you may be charged with maintaining a common nuisance, which can be a felony and, therefore, can far exceed the charge for those doing drugs in the first place. Property owners get no leeway with drugs in Indiana—if you have wild marijuana growing on your property, it’s a misdemeanor not to eradicate it.

  8. If you’re an IU student and you need legal advice on issues like these, expect to pay:

    • a. An arm, a leg, and maybe the gold fillings in your teeth. Lawyers ain’t cheap!
    • b. Nothing, if you visit Student Legal Services, the law office you already paid for.

    The correct answer is:

    (b). Of course. Why would I write the quiz, otherwise?