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  1. At your 19th birthday party, your friend asks you to hold his beer while he takes a leak in an alley. Who could be arrested?

    • a. Your tiny-bladder friend could be arrested.
    • b. You're safe, unless a cop sees you take a drink.
    • c. You both could be arrested.
    • d. Arrested? You can't be arrested on your birthday.

    The correct answer is:

    (c). You could both be arrested—you for being a minor merely possessing alcohol (even for as long as it takes your friend to pee) and your friend for urinating in public. If you're both drunk, add a public intoxication charge as well.

  2. A party runs out of beer and you, being underage and sober, drive a 21-year old friend to a liquor store, where he buys a case of Milwaukee's Best. A cop stops you. Problem?

    • a. I'm in the clear—it's my friend with the beer.
    • b. Underage transporters can't be trusted—you are so busted.

    The correct answer is:

    (b). It is illegal for a minor to transport alcohol, even if the alcohol was bought legally by an of-age friend. This is a criminal offense even if the booze is unopened and in the trunk! The only exception is if your parents are along, and who wants that?

  3. Because of all the time you spent with your pledge mom, you have actually started to look alike! If she loans you her driver's license to get into Kilroy's, can either of you get busted?

    • a. Only you can get busted—you're the one in the bar.
    • b. Only your pledge mom can get busted—she put you up to it!
    • c. You both can get busted.
    • d. Neither of you can get busted—it is Kilroy's fault.

    The correct answer is:

    (c). You used a false ID, a crime, and she furnished it to you, also a crime. You look similar, and you're similarly guilty.

  4. You know you'll miss your bestie's 21st birthday because you're modeling for French Vogue overseas. Weeks before her big day, you FedEx her a bottle of spectacular French wine with a note saying “open on your birthday.” She opens the package and shows everyone the bottle on the way home. Problem?

    • a. Problem: You both committed a crime
    • b. Problem for her, but only if she opened the vino bottle while driving home.
    • c. Problem for her, but only if she drinks the wine before turning 21.
    • d. No problem! Wine is always a tasteful and tasty gift!

    The correct answer is:

    (a). Gift or not, you just furnished alcohol to a minor, whether or not she opened it, and she is illegally possessing alcohol. Whether they'll extradite you from Paris—that's another story.

  5. You see your frenemy totally loaded on her birthday. With the cute bartender's help, you buy her shot after shot. She slips off the stool and breaks her nose. Her shady lawyer sues! Who should be worried?

    • a. No one. No one forced her to drink the bubblegum bombs! She looks better now, anyway.
    • b. Both you and the bartender.
    • c. Just the cute bartender—he's a professional.
    • d. Just you—you were footing the bill.

    The correct answer is:

    (b). When you buy drinks or furnish drinks to a clearly intoxicated person, you open yourself to liability if they become injured. The consequences can be worse than a broken nose.

  6. You have clearly exceeded your limit after a rumored ’N Sync reunion tour was canceled. Excise police are everywhere, wanting a peek at Justin Timberlake. The absolutely safest, most legal way to get home is:

    • a. Drive the backroads carefully.
    • b. Walk home using the sidewalk, making sure you keep a straight line
    • c. Hop on the (public) bus, Gus, no need to discuss much.
    • d. Grab a cab.
    • e. Any of these except (a) is legal.

    The correct answer is:

    (d). Trickiest question on here. (a) is clearly illegal and idiotic—Indiana's windy roads cause wrecks for the sober. Walking (b) is safer, but could run a risk of a public intoxication charge. A bus (c) makes sense, but it is a rarely enforced crime to be drunk on a public bus. All options beat driving, but taking a cab is the most legal option.

  7. You get arrested for an alcohol charge, but you lawyer up and beat the rap. Out of the woods?

    • a. Smooth sailing—you weren't convicted.
    • b. The eyes of IU can still find you.
    • c. A prospective employer might still find out.
    • d. Both b and c.

    The correct answer is:

    (d). IU may bring student conduct charges against you regardless of whether you're convicted of the crime you're charged with. Prospective employers can find arrest records, charges, diversion programs and many other things with modern technology.