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I had a disagreement with my landlord over a hole in my ceiling. I thought it was the rental company’s responsibility to fix these things, but my landlord disagreed. After speaking to a friend about the situation, I decided to call SLS for advice on how to handle the problem. Though I never went to court, contacting SLS got me the advice and information I needed to speak to my landlord and resolve the issue. Working with SLS was quick and easy and, best of all, it was free.

-J.L.; senior

Education Before Litigation
SLS is full of lawyers and law students, so we’re happy to go to court or advise you about your options to sue someone or defend yourself. In our experience, however, we’ve learned that a bit of information can prevent a foolish or rash decision. Trust us, no judge will let you plead stupidity. We hope you’ll use the materials below to educate yourself about some of the legal issues facing students before trouble arises. If the legal system still reaches out and touches you, we’ll still be here.

Information Overload
SLS is constantly producing materials about the law. Read them here and save paper.

SLS Party Manual iconSLS Party Manual: Our most popular hand-out. How to be the host with the most... elegantly legal party.

Top Ten Things to Think About When You Rent iconTop Ten Things to Think About When You Rent: You want your own place. Your landlord wants your rent. From there, things can get complicated.

You and the Criminal Law iconYou and the Criminal Law: Remember who usually wins when you fight the law. Stay legal.

Protective Orders iconProtective Orders: We take domestic violence and sexual assault seriously.

Facts of Life, Facts of Law iconFacts of Life, Facts of Law: This is for your parents. We’ll tell them we’ve got your back while you’re busy studying.

Legally Gay iconLegally Gay: You’re Here. You’re Queer. We’re used to it. Now read this.

Music Downloading PDF iconMusic Downloading—In the Year 2010: You’re not out of the woods, but the woods are quieter.

Sample Rental Lease—Explained: Moving off campus? Look at a few of the clauses that drive students crazy and trip them up in court.

Quizzical Looks
Other places may give you swag, but we make you earn it. Take our SLS quizzes and try to win the coveted SLS “I’m Legal” T-shirt.

Here’s the lowdown on this throwdown: Three quizzes. Seven questions. Seven answers—we’ll even explain them. Ace just one, and we’ll let you wear our logo. Miss just one, and that dream collapses faster than Lindsay Lohan after a long weekend. Make like JFK—don’t do it because it’s easy; do it because it’s hard.

SLS Indiana Law Quiz: It’s a tasting menu of all laws Hoosier.
Take the SLS Indiana Law Quiz

SLS Booze Clues Quiz: Alcohol is the cause of, and solution to, all problems. Quit doing elbow bends and try your hand at this.
Take the SLS Booze Clues Quiz

SLS Landlord-Tenant Quiz: Are you smarter than a Bloomington landlord? If not, he might just try and dip into your college fund himself.
Take the SLS Landlord-Tenant Quiz