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The weekly Social Psychology, Health, and the Life Course (SHeL) workshop brings together faculty and graduate students from Sociology and other social science departments to discuss diverse topics including self and identity, the social correlates and consequences of mental disorders, health over the life course, the socialization of children and adults, sexuality, and emotion and affect, among others. The seminar began as a workshop for pre- and postdoctoral trainees in interdisciplinary social psychology in 1977, with Professor Sheldon Stryker as the Principal Investigator. After the training program ended in 2004, the scope of the seminar was broadened to encompass related departmental strengths in life course research and in medical sociology. Through the years, the seminar has become a valued tradition within the department which offers its participants a regular opportunity to reconnect and build a research community.

The seminar meets Friday mornings at noon during the Fall semester. Seminar presentations cover all stages of research, with some presentations focusing on emerging research agendas and others involving nearly-completed empirical research. Most semesters, the seminar features a combination of speakers from Sociology, other IU social science departments, and visiting scholars. Faculty and student participants discuss and critically appraise the work that is presented and offer suggestions for its further development in a lively and engaging atmosphere. Snacks are provided by participants on a rotating basis.

SHeL Schedule Fall 2017 (PDF)