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Eric Sevell

I am pursuing a double major PhD at Indiana University through the departments of Sociology and Criminal Justice. My past research has focused on deterrence and drug consumption, community, crime and networks, and public attitudes on same-sex marriage and marijuana consumption.

Currently, my research has two main focuses: 1) community, race, and policing, and 2) sex work. In the case of the former, I am currently working with colleagues to understand how racial inequality is maintained and reproduced through the policing of certain drug crimes. In the case of the latter, I have made the focus of my dissertation the political and cultural economy of sex work, particularly as it relates to the stripping industry.

I have also served as an Associate Instructor for the Department of Sociology, where courses taught include S100 – Introduction to Sociology, S320 – Deviant Behavior and Social Control, and S325 – Criminology. Currently, I am serving as the Preparing Future Faculty Fellow, where I act as an advisor to new graduate student instructors in the Department of Sociology, and as a lead coordinator for a university-wide conference dedicated to teaching strategies and the transition into a successful academic or scholarly career.