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Martin Weinberg

Professor Martin Weinberg did his Ph.D. work at Northwestern University where he developed a broad interest in interpretive sociology and the sociology of deviance. His first academic position was as an Assistant Professor at Rutgers University. During that period, he published articles on social interaction in nudist camps and with Earl Rubington launched Deviance: The Interactionist Perspective and The Study of Social Problems: Five Perspectives, which are still popular course books and currently in their 9th and 6th editions respectively. While at Rutgers, he became increasingly interested in directing his social interactionist interests toward the study of sexual minorities and began his first research on gays. In 1968 he joined our department as an Associate Professor and for 13 years had a joint appointment as Senior Research Sociologist at the Kinsey Institute. While affiliated with the Institute, among other publications, he co-authored Homosexualities, Sexual Preference, and Male Homosexuals: Their Problems and Adaptations. As a Professor, he has studied a variety of topics including models of female sexuality, premarital sex, foot fetishism, intersexuality, sadomasochism, sexually explicit images, sex work, and bisexuality. Recent work has focused specifically on comparing premarital sexual attitudes and behaviors in Sweden and the United States, differences in the work organization and sexuality of women, men, and transgender sex workers, the behavior and identity of bisexuals as they progress along the life course, why in New Zealand male sex workers are no more likely to be infected with HIV than other men who have sex with men, and the social and interpretive worlds of men who have sex with animals. He is currently completing a paper on the social construction of erotic photographs that have appeared in major museums and is involved in research on the sociology of the body and bodily functions. Martin gets special joy from his grandchildren, jazz, photography, good eating, travel, and humor.