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Peter Lista came to Indiana University by way of SUNY Brockport - a state college in his hometown of Brockport, New York - where he received a BS in Sociology in 2012. He is interested in the relationship between organizational behavior and their external environment. Methodologically, he uses a mixed-methods approach with a focus on historical-comparative methods to understand over-time trends in organizational behavior.

Peter received his MA in Sociology from IU in 2014. His MA paper used contingency theory to argue that organization members’ experiences and perceptions of their market environment have a direct effect on organizational decision-making and degree of centralization.

His current research focuses on how interactions between actors within organizations build over time and form the structural context of future interactions. In doing so, Peter hopes to synthesize insights from symbolic interactionism, neoinstitutionalism, and historical institutionalism.

Outside of class and research, Peter can generally be found enjoying the company of good friends and eating good food at local eateries. You can find his vitae here.