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The GSA established two annual awards which are presented every year at the departmental awards ceremony. This is a great tradition of honoring the outstanding generosity of our professors and fellow graduate students.

Students help keep this effort going in one of two ways: (a) by writing a nomination letter for a faculty member and/or a graduate student mentor; (b) by volunteering to serve on the committee that decides the award winners.

For more information please contact the GSA president.

Past recipients of the GSA Outstanding Faculty Mentoring Award

2016 - Fabio Rojas

2015 - Brian Powell

2014 - Jennifer C. Lee

2013 - Stephen Benard

2012 – Peggy Thoits
[click here to read more about why Peggy was nominated]

2011 – Patricia McManus
[click here to read more about why Patricia was nominated]

2010 – Tim Bartley
[click here to read more about why Tim was nominated]

2009 – Tim Hallett
[click here to read more about why Tim was nominated]

2008 – Clem Brooks

2007 – Pam Jackson

2006 – Eliza Pavalko

2005 – Elizabeth Armstrong

2004 – Donna Eder

2003 – Robert Robinson

2002 – Bernice Pescosolido

2001 – Kent Redding

2000 – Brian Powell

Past recipients of the GSA Outstanding Graduate Student Mentoring Award

2016 - Rebecca Grady

2015 - Long Doan

2014 - Natasha Quadlin

2013 - Matt Grace

2012 – Mike Vasseur
[click here to read more about why Mike was nominated]

2011 – Eric Grollman
[click here to read more about why Eric was nominated]

2010 – Shiri Noy
[click here to read more about why Shiri was nominated]

2009 – Abigail Sewell
[click here to read more about why Abigail was nominated]

2008 – Rashawn Ray

2007 – Sigrun Olafsdottir

2006 – Joshua Klugman

2005 – Kathryn A. Henderson

2004 – Jason Beckfield

2003 – Sandi Kawecka Nenga