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Race and Ethnic Relations Committee

The Race and Ethnic Relations (RER) Committee is an ad hoc committee comprised of graduate students, faculty, and staff committed to increasing awareness of issues related to race, ethnicity, and nationality. It is also committed to fostering positive professional and social interactions among graduate students, staff, and faculty of diverse racial, ethnic, and national backgrounds within the Department of Sociology at Indiana University. The RER Committee collaborates with the Graduate Student Association (GSA) and the Department of Sociology to effectively achieve its goals of increasing awareness and fostering a diverse and collegial environment through events, collaborative projects, and other ongoing efforts.

RER Mission Statement

Throughout the year, the RER Committee plans several social events, many in conjunction with the GSA. Past events include a “Documentary Night,” where graduate students gathered to watch and discuss films by the Indianapolis-based Latino Youth Collective, and the annual Social Dinner. In March of 2009 (27th – 29th), the RER co-sponsored a weekend-long symposium on race, entitled “Social Research on Race: Building Bridges across the Academic Pipeline.” The symposium featured nine sociologists, at various stages in their academic careers, in three research sessions focused on the structural conditions of racism, “post-racial” America, and a critical evaluation of the Black/White dichotomy. 

RER MLK Jr. Day Film Event 2011 with discussant Professor Fabio Rojas

RERC Attendees

RERC Casey &  Rachel

RERC Chrisy & Shawna