Educational Systems Theory

Property: Isomorphism


"Educational system isomorphism is components having the same connections as other corresponding components." (p.39)


Isomorphism is concerned with similarity of components across systems. The patterns in one system would be the same as the patterns in another.



Isomorphism is highly visible in the public school system. Classrooms and the structures within them are similar; one can enter a classroom and be fairly confident in expecting certain activities - teachers instructing students, students being tested at certain times of the year and in certain ways. These activities would be fairly constant across all classrooms. On the other hand, montessori schools are not isomorphic to public schools. Students pursue individual research projects and work singly or in groups; the teacher is a facilitator; tests are not given.

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Hypotheses Containing the Property: Isomorphism

144. If educational system filtration decreases, then isomorphism increases.

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