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Indiana University Bloomington
School of Education, Indiana University Bloomington: Preparing educators, advancing knowledge, improving education

Professor Emeritus: Theodore Frick

Since retiring in December, 2012, I no longer teach formal classes at Indiana University. However, I continue to mentor students in my research groups and to teach through the Web.

Courses Taught


I continue to do research and development, and voluntarily mentor students in my research groups. This mentoring, of course, is a form of teaching which is organized around specific R&D projects that can span multiple semesters, rather than being organized by a course or class for university credit.

Teaching through the Web: Anytime, Anywhere

Understanding Plagiarism


*Please note that usage logs with statistics about these instructional resources can only be viewed from computers within the IUB network, or from computers outside of the IUB network which are running IUB VPN.