Educational Systems Theory

Property: Output


Educational system output is a negasystem with selective information.


Output is to negasystem as input is to system. Do not confuse output with feedout.



For example, business and industry may hire graduates of high schools. These graduates are outputs of the educational system when they are taken in by business and industry. Colleges and universities may admit high school graduates. When taken in by higher education, these students would have become outputs of local public and private education systems. Students who drop out of high school may become members of gangs. When taken in by these gangs, these students are outputs of the educational system.

Related Terms:


selective information

Hypotheses Containing the Property: Output

#15. If educational system output increases, then fromput increases.

#35. If educational system input is constant and fromput is constant, then output is constant.

#43. If educational system fromput increases and output is less than some value, then feedout decreases.

#45. If educational system output increases and feedback is greater than some value, then input increases.

#161. If educational system output is constant and automorphism decreases and homomorphism is greater than some value, then feedout decreases.

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