Educational Systems Theory

Property: Educational Negasystem Stress, SE


"Educational negasystem stress is change beyond certain limits of negasystem state."


Educational negasystem stress is equivalent to educational system strain. A negasystem state is a negasystem's conditions at a given time. Therefore, the stress primarily comes from outside the system.



If a government decides to cut educational budget, the decision-making gives stress to schools. Another example of stress is found when state tax increases, so tuition increases. Recently, information society tends to ask schools to teach students more about it and to purchase computers. Such demands from society is a kind of stress to schools. The illustration above depicts another example of stress between time 1 and time 2: In time 1, kids who come to school were healthy and had relatively high motivation to learn. However, in time 2, kids are hungry and so want to work to make money rather than learn in school.

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Hypotheses Containing the Property: Stress

87. If educational system stress is less than some value, then state steadiness is constant.
88. If educational system stress greater than some value increases, then strain increases.

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