Educational Systems Theory

Property: Strongness (SR)


"Educational system strongness is not complete connectedness and every two components are channeled to each other with respect to affective relations."


Strongness is a less severe constraint than complete connectedness. It is a digraph property that exists when there are either: bi-directional affect relations connecting components in a given digraph, (although unlike CC, it does not require that every possible pair be connected in that way). Or, when all pairs may at least be able to connect indirectly through a third component. .


This figure shows three digraphs that are strongly connected. Notice that each of components can connect to every other component, but to connect with some components, they must connect indirectly, going by way of a third component.


For a system with the affect relation, "guides the learning of ..." Imagine a tutor who not only guides the learning of her pupils, but learns from them as well. For instance, an anthropologist who teaches kids in village about her life, in her homel and, and at the same time, is learning about the child's language and culture. Lets suppose that although she can read the native language, she has limited speaking fluency. So, in order to teach some kids who don't speak her language, she first teaches the material to one of her students who is fluent in her language, and who in turn teaches the other student in the native language.

In terms of computer communications, one can think of systems that communicate along bi-directional channels, where not every pair is directly connected but all may communicate to all others, by going through an intermediary. A configuration that perm its this kind of indirect communication is a "token ring" arrangement, where messages are passed around a loop in only one direction, until they reach their target computer.

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Hypotheses Containing the Property: Strongness


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